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How to Experience the Body Massage in Bangalore with Amy Body Spa

Updated: Apr 29

Body Massage in Bangalore

One of the best things about living in Bangalore is the great experience of body massage. Receiving a massage can be a great way to take care of yourself, get relief from stress, or get rid of a health concern. For a range of massages, you can consult Amy Body Spa. Additionally, you might ask someone to give you a massage at home or practice self-massage. The specialists don’t charge you any extra money during massage experiencing Amy Body Spa in Bangalore. The gorgeous girls will give you enough time to make you feel completely rejuvenated and relaxed. One can ask for an extra massage or also the money can be returned if one is not satisfied with the service given by the girls.


What to Expect for Your First Massage in Amy Body Spa in Bangalore


Amy Body Spa has various massage centres in Bangalore. They maintain spa facilities in a very hygienic manner and all the female therapists are tested for STDs every month for a fixed period. All the massage prices range from 2500 to 5000 rupees. If you have any specific preference, state it while making the booking and avoid any unwanted things. First, they start with normal body massage and then they proceed to the specific massage that you have opted for. In the end, you can ask for a hand job, blow job, orBody to Body Massage in Bangalore as per your requirements.

Though massage tables are generally covered in sheets and towels for you to cover yourself with, and the covers can be changed around as the massage therapist works on different sections of the body, you will still remain covered during the treatment. Body Massage at Amy Spa Bangalore is actually done with different kinds of oils and lotions. These are used to reduce friction on the body as the massage therapist glides through your skin. Be careful to let the other know if you have any sensitivity problems in regard to any oil or lotion. A scalp massage is a wonderful complement to any other type of massage given at Amy Body Spa. If you want your hair to look flawless after the massage, avoid getting it tied up before.

Body Massage at Amy Spa Bangalore


Things to Avoid During a Massage Treatment


There are several points that you should avoid during a massage treatment:

·         Don’t create an awkward atmosphere before starting the session so that the whole fun is spoiled before the rejuvenation begins.

·         Avoid eating 1.5 hours before the session begins so that you don’t feel uncomfortable with your bowel movements during the session.

·         Avoid talking too much with the therapist as this way you will not get involved too much in the exotic session.

·         Keep your mobile phone switched off.


Physiological Effects of Massage on the body


The blood flow throughout your body is increased when you have a massage, especially to the area that needs specific attention. This encourages a chemical exchange between the cells, hence keeping the whole body healthy and active. This allows all the body processes to function smoothly. Another important aspect of massage therapy is the direction in which the massage is done; all massage therapists will always massage in the direction of the heart, promoting both the body's natural blood flow and its amplification. This directly affects the neurological system, dilating blood vessels and frequently lowering blood pressure.

Massage improves lymph flow along the body as the lymphatic system moves the lymph all throughout the body through movement. Our trained massage therapists may help move lymph fluid more gently, which can help remove all the toxins from the body. The nervous system is usually relaxed and keeps a great balance after receiving a massage. Massage stimulates the nerves and sensory receptors, which then send messages to the brain through the spinal cord. As a natural treatment for pain or when muscles cause a lot of stress, massage can also be helpful. When someone has a cramp, it's highly usual for them to automatically rub or massage the area where it occurs.



Enjoyment is the basic and main goal of receiving a massage. Don’t be afraid of asking any questions or any opinions during the massage, if something you are uncomfortable with or for the pressure that is being applied on the body has to be changed. Measuring the effectiveness of massage, especially in reducing stress, will always be challenging, though, because every individual will get through it differently and receive different types of benefits according to the body type.

Thus, give yourself a shoulder rub if you're feeling a little stressed out due to the traffic on your journey! Amy Body Spa promises it will be a lot beneficial as it has the best massage centres in Bangalore!

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