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Body Massage in Bangalore

Top Body Massage Spa for Men in Bangalore.

Our staff has got perfect training to give relaxing full body massage.

Massage in Bangalore - Female to male & body to body massage centre

Massage in Bangalore – Body to Body female massage service

Want to take Body massage in Bangalore?
Then you landed the right website. Yes, AMY BODY SPA is one among the best massage centre in Bangalore.

Here we provide all kinds of massage services including body to body massage & female to male massage. If you want to take massage in Bangalore, then Call ANANYA.

Indulge yourself in our all­ natural, serene scenery. Lush green gardens, fresh blooming flowers and carefully trimmed hedges, all underlying a stunning green landscape guaranteed to take your breath away. That, combined with the cheerful chirping of birds and the smell of fresh grass in the air is sure to put your mind, body, and soul at ease.

People often looking for massage in Indiranagar, massage in Koramangala & massage in mg road. We have branches in all areas around Bangalore.

An array of gorgeous angels eagerly awaits your arrival. Dying for the chance to pamper you with the most lavish and tasteful luxuries we have lined up for your choosing. We have them all. All here to grant you divine relief from all worldly tensions.

What lavish luxuries do we have in store? Conjure an image in your mind and romanticise it with your most intimate of desires: we do that and much more. From therapeutic massages such as Thai, Balinese, Swedish to more intimate versions such as Nuru, body to body, female to male and sandwich massage. Our spas have them all. Aromatherapy, tissue massage and Ayurveda are also our specialties.

Due to ever changing human lifestyle and their needs, where it is hard to manage a healthier and satisfied lifestyle, and stress and tensions revolve around men, body to body massage in Bangalore is playing a key role in staying him away from stress, tensions, and burden of life.


Earlier, people used massage therapy to get relief from body pains such as back, neck, and chronic. This therapy works through rubbing and stretching the muscles that improve range of motions and promote mobility into joints.

Massage is considered as best tension reliever. But, in some cases, it also plays a key role of the complementary and alternative medicines. Massage does not contain only techniques that relieve stress or pain, even it also includes 80 kinds of other therapies that help in restoring well-being.
The main goal of massage is to promote relaxation in the muscles and tissues, improve the flow of oxygen and blood to the areas where the massage has been used.

Full Body Massage in Bangalore
Full Body Massage For Men in Bangalore is widely practiced as an effective stress, pain, and muscle tension reliever and is also considered part of alternative medicine. It is being offered alongside standard treatment nowadays. Furthermore, massage can neutralise the imbalance caused from sitting especially for a long period of time. You may have a regular massage as long as you want.

There are many spas, salon, and clinics in Bangalore that offer different kinds of body massage. If you want to try the ultimate massage experience in the place, here is the most common body massage it offers.

Call Girls in Bangalore. Women Seeking Men in Bangalore.
B2B Massage Spa in Bangalore for Men by Female.
Body to Body Massage in Bangalore for Men.

The Best massage centre in bangalore:
There are several spas all over the world, known for a variety of specialty treatments and regimes. These vary across cultures and countries, with some being famous for local experiences. This includes the Turkish bathing houses in Turkey, the freshwater and natural springs in various places, as well as holistic spas and massage centres in India.

Jayanagar is one of the oldest areas in Bangalore, India. It is, like so many other places, home to various spas and beauty and massage parlours. While some of these are small, there are a few bigger spas as well. Most of these places offer a variety of massages and services. These include traditional and simple massages like a head massage or champi, foot massage, full-body massage in Bangalore, and so on. There are also some spas that o er a variety of fancy massages like stone massage, hot massage, deep tissue massage, and so on. Other services include beauty treatments like facials, haircuts, special masks and creams, and so on.


Most spas are open to all genders. There are however, some places that cater exclusively to only one sex. This is something that is common with some cultures all over the world. Also, a lot of spas that cater to both men and women tend to have separate areas for each gender. While this is not true everywhere, it is seen quite frequently. This is partly a cultural thing – it makes the customers, particularly women, feel more comfortable and relaxed.


However, the best spas o er fantastic service to all customers, from female to male. There are some services reserved only for one gender, but that is to be expected. One of the more popular packages that have come up in recent years is the couples massage package. This involves the couple, usually a man and a woman, sharing a massage in the same room at the same time. The massage itself may be the same, or can be different.


A massage is a truly wonderful experience, one that has to be tried out when possible.


Swedish & Ayurvedic massage in bangalore:
Being one of the best spa in Bangalore, here we provide lots of spa and massage services.
Our treatments include Hand massage, Full Body massage, Body to Body massage, Head massage, Oil massage, Ayurvedic massage, couple spa, Thai massage, Swedish massage, aromatherapy, salon and more spa treatments are available in one place.


Hereafter you no need to go there and there to take massage and escort services. Our Spa provides all in one service in Koramangala.


Koramangala is one of the best areas in Bangalore. Many of the tourist people and new visitors in Bangalore should see Koramangala once. Because there is the place fun overloaded. Of course, massage and spa are the best relaxations for a human being.


By taking body massage, you can eliminate toxin from your body, blood circulation will be normal, reduce blood pressure, tension, and depression. So, everybody should take body massage once in a week or twice in a week to maintain a good health and physique.


Only a few spas in Koramangala provides the deep and covered massage to the customers. Bang Body Spa is one among that. So, visit our spa to take spa in Koramangala.


Indiranagar is one among the popular area in Bangalore. We have a Body massage centre in Indiranagar. Body massage is the only thing should help you to reduced your stress and tension. In our spa, we provide a variety of massage services like body to body massage, female to male massage, Lingam massage, nuru massage, happy endings, male to male massage and plenty of it.

Amy Body Spa is standing at the #1 spa and massage service in Bangalore. We have plenty of responses and fans from various cities and all over Karnataka. Many of the spa centres do not provide professional massage treatments. But our spa has a number one services to our clients. The cost also cheap compared to the other services. So, Come to our spa and take deep massage

services with our female massage therapist.


We provide weekends offers and discounts. You can contact us to get those deals. We also provide the discounts for our regular customers.

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