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Types of Body Massage in Bangalore and Its Benefits

Updated: Apr 29

Body Massage in Bangalore

Most likely, when one thinks of receiving a body massage in Bangalore, one picture in mind is peaceful lighting, scented oils, and soft music. It is also possible that one believes massages are just a luxury that should be used for relaxation. It is much more than that.

However, massages are far more than what meets the eye and the body, just like any complementary medical procedure in any place. Many physical illnesses can be effectively treated with massages on various parts of the body, and different techniques can be employed based on the specific needs of the body. Amy Body Spa provides the best Bangalore massage services that will help you feel better and rejuvenated.


The fast-paced lifestyle of today causes physical and emotional stress in the busy schedule, which wears out the body completely. The full body massage in Bangalore involves massaging away tension, pain, and weariness from the body. There are many different kinds of massages available, and each one has advantages such as relieving tension and providing relaxation. It entails massaging away tension and weariness by stroking and moving tendons, muscles, skin, and ligaments.

Benefits of Body massage


Different types of body massages with their benefits are listed below:

·         Deep Tissue Massage: This is focused on deeper tissues under the skin through the application of firm movement by the fingers. It helps treat extreme pain and joint stiffness. It also includes stripping in which deep pressure is given along the muscle fibers. It is the best body massage in Bangalore for men as well.

It lowers the cortisol and oxytocin levels providing soothing effects to the body.


·         Acupressure: It is a type of massage therapy that includes needlework around the body, basically used for pain relief. It lowers the stiffness around the body, knee pain, and lower back and joint aches. It can be performed in massage parlors with clean needles.


·         Thai Massage Therapy: It is an ancient practice that uses many Ayurveda principles to relieve muscle tension. It is started with the attendant in loose-fitting clothes. It involves stretching, compression, and rocking with hands-on bodywork through pressure.


·         Hot rock Massage: It combines different massage techniques with river rocks to send warmth into points along the spine. It brings relaxing pressure into the body and gives deep rejuvenation.

·         Shiatsu Massage: It focuses on physical healing through soft hand movements around the body to give tranquility. It involves long strokes and helps reduce tension and stress on the muscles.


·         Sports Massage: It is not only for sportspeople but also for people who need tissue mobilization. It is given to get relief from chronic pain in specific muscles due to continued use.


·         Reflexology: It focuses on pressure points in the ears, feet, and hands. So, these pressure points are properly massaged which helps in complete functioning of the body. It can improve circulation and boost the energy.


·         Prenatal Massage: It helps release tension, reduces mom’s blood pressure, and helps in flexibility for birth. In this massage, massaging on body parts such as hands, feet, and abdomen is avoided.


·         Aromatherapy Massage: This type of massage uses an essential oil diffuser and diluted essential oils so that the skin absorbs it fully. It will boost your mood while relieving all the tension.


·         Percussion Massage: This massage targets the specific parts of the body hence relieving muscle tension and all stress. It is effective for athletes and people who are involved in physical activity. It delivers percussive strokes all around the body muscles, reducing inflammation.


·         Foot Massage: It is practiced in all traditional parlors to improve circulation and promote relaxation. It may incorporate reflexology by applying pressure on specific points on the feet.


Safety Measures that should be taken by Massage therapists


1.      The room should be prepared cleanly and in a great manner before the arrival of the next client.

2.      There should be the use of high-quality lotions and oils according to the skin types of the clients.

3.      There should be plenty of time given between the appointments so there is time given to properly clean all the requirements.

4.      There should be proper hygiene followed by the therapist between the appointments so as to keep away germs.

5.      Ensuring the safety of the massage center can be achieved by enforcing rigorous hours and preventing overwork at the session.



Massages are a fantastic way to decompress and relax but choosing one can be challenging because there are so many selections to make from. There is always an ideal massage for your needs, whether you're searching for something more therapeutic and relaxing or something comforting. To find out which kind of massage is best for you and the massage therapy benefits, it's crucial to speak with a professional massage therapist at Amy Body Spa. He will guide you in a better way!

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